Friday, June 04, 2010

Fifth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge

And I'm off on the annual adventure known as the 48 Hour Book Challenge. See the rules here at MotherReader's blog.  

Graduation parties to attend, church on Sunday and other demands on my time but I will see how much I can accomplish.  

Let the reading commence.


Jone said...

I was on and off sleeping as I read last night. Got to go into work for a bit today as I have to make up a day so I can leave a day early. Will listen to a book there. If I get my nine books read I will be happy.

web said...

There's always something, isn't there? I decided not to try for a personal best this year but just have fun.

Iron Guy Carl said...

Yes, I have a going-away party to host this weekend, church in the morning, a special event at the library I have to help with, etc. etc. We read as we can and, as web said, have fun. Enjoy!