Friday, July 02, 2010

Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy: Every Day Is Earth Day (I Can Read Book 1)
Fancy Nancy: Every day is Earth Day by Jane O'Connor, pictures based on the art of Robin Preiss Glasser, interior illustrations by Aleksey Ivanov and Olga Ivanov. Harper, 2010.

This "I Can Read, Beginning Reading" level 1 book is a surprisingly canny look at saving energy and keeping an Earth Day outlook!

Nancy Yancy is helping her family make changes to be more "green."  She reminds her parents to ride a bike when possible, take a tote to the market, wear a sweater to stay warm instead of changing the thermostat and to use less water.  

O'Connor points to another aspect of conservation though.  As in real life, there are downsides to being "green" which Nancy has to face.  Pulling the plug on a computer to save energy, results in the loss of a project that Nancy's mother was working on.  When Nancy saves energy by turning off the light in her little sister's bedroom,  her sister awakens, in a dark room,  which terrifies her.  There are consequences to inflexible green policies.

Common sense tells us we can do a lot by following Nancy's simple rules. I would settle for everyone just picking up their trash at the movies to start.


sonia said...

I saw this at Target yesterday and was thinking of getting it, though my daughter grabbed a 2 princess first readers instead. grrr. somehow i don't think disney has a "snow white and belle save the planet" book... : }

Scott Constable said...

You can go green in several ways by using a little common sense daily. If you think about it a lot of going green is common sense. For instance, turning off the water when you brush your teeth or turning off a light when you leave a room. If everyone did these small thinks on a daily basis it would go a long way to improving our environment.