Sunday, June 06, 2010

Book 5: Taken

TakenTakenTaken by Edward Bloor.   Knopf, 2007

Bloor never disappoints me.  His subjects are always original. Taken is no exception. This story is set in a future where kidnapping protocols, victim behavior and survival techniques,  are taught as part of the school curriculum in the same way "fire safety" and "dental hygiene" are taught now.

The new year has just turned over to  2036 when Charity is taken.  As she lies strapped to a gurney, watching the clock, she prays that her father is paying the ransom and that she will soon be released unharmed. 
In order to quell her rising panic, she relives the weeks prior to the kidnapping in detail, trying to keep her mind preoccupied and off the looming threat. 

The book was originally published in 2007.  Charity refers to her research paper on  the issue of "The World Credit Crash" that has forced people to horde and hide their hard currency.  Given the troubles in the world economies today, that was pretty forward looking, I must say. 

Interesting to see the two covers for the book. The original shows a close-up of a chess board with the pieces in play.  The paperback edition is a scene from the book depicting Charity being taken from the compound in Florida where she lives.
Interesting book.  Glad I read it.  Semi-odd ending.  Trying to think if that was the best resolution.  Maybe so.

My copy was an ARC picked up at TLA a few years ago.  So good to be catching up, somewhat.

Reading time:  3 hours 45 min.
Pages read: 247 
Blogging/review writing:  30 min.

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web said...

A 2007 book! What I shame I didn't have this one for my collection. :-)