Saturday, June 05, 2010

Book 3: Bamboo People

Bamboo PeopleBamboo People by Mitali Perkins, Charlesbridge, 2010

Oh     My     Goodness!

Mitali Perkins has written something here that is so fine, so rare,  so beautiful, that I am loath to move on to another book too quickly because I want to think and remember and savor this exquisite story. 

Chiko only wants to become a teacher.  His father is a political prisoner of the Burmese government.  The army conscripts Chiko, forcing him into service.  Studious by nature, he is unprepared for this brutal life but a friendship with a savvy, streetwise conscript named Tai, saves him while he gains strength to endure the random cruelty of the captain who oversees his unit.

Tu Reh is a Karenni teen who has seen his life, his home and village disrupted and destroyed by the very army that Chiko is now a part of.  Their lives intersect and each of them must survive  the ugly hand that fate has dealt them.  

This is such a powerful and emotional story. Told in Chiko's and Tu Reh's voices, the chapters are short which keeps the story moving and will keep readers at all levels engaged.  

This is a beautiful tale of faith and hope.  I am pondering now the best way to booktalk it.  Kids MUST find this book.  

Reading time:  2 hrs

Pages read:  272


Charlotte said...

This was on my tbr list already--I guess I need to bump it up a few notches!

Sarah Stevenson said...

I can't wait to read this one! It's been on my to-read list for a while now.

Good luck with the reading challenge!

MotherReader said...

Good to hear! I asked about it at BEA, but they didn't have copies to give out there. I think - I hope - they're sending one.

Happy reading!

Camille said...

They must have given away all the arcs at TLA!