Thursday, November 09, 2006

You and Me, Baby

You and Me Baby, concept and words by Lynn Reiser and photographs by Penny Gentieu, 2006

Ooooh baby, is this a fun book. Five beautiful children are photographed by Penny Gentieu as they interact with their parents. The focus of each photo is the joy-filled face of a child. The children are shown eating, splashing, playing and most importantly, looking into their parents' eyes. The background of each photo is pure color, orange, green, yellow, blue and purple which matches the clothing of the baby and parent. Gentieu's photos glow.

Hey, baby!
Look at you, looking at me,
looking at you, looking at me.

This would be a terrific baby gift or a nice present for big brothers and sisters-to-be. Who doesn't love looking at pictures of precious children? Just imagine holding this book in your lap with a little one tucked in beside you. Babies love looking at faces.
Oh Baby, look at me reading with you, look at you reading with me!

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