Monday, November 27, 2006

007 -- James Bond

Treebeard and the entlings and I saw Casino Royale over the holiday.
Loved it.
I felt like I had seen at least 3 movies by the time it was over.

I was not ready to embrace the "new" Bond but Daniel Craig totally won me over! He is closer in character to Ian Fleming's Bond than many of the previous portrayals.

Another fan of the movie is Charlie Higson, the author of the Young Bond series. He writes in The Telegraph:

At key moments, we see Craig acquire all the familiar accoutrements – the gun, the Aston Martin, the dinner jacket – and, in a way, his unconventional looks (in a Bond sense) work perfectly, because we are watching someone turn into Bond before our eyes, rather than leap fully formed onto the screen with bow tie and raised eyebrow. It's not until the last frame of the film that he has fully earned his signature tune, and you could almost view the film as the longest pre-titles trailer in Bond history. You come out of the cinema looking forward eagerly to the next installment.

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