Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Texas Lonestar List 2007-2008

Oh boy, the new Texas Lonestar List is out. I have some of these books in my stack. I am just naturally drawn to the books on this list. They seem to always pick stuff that I like to read.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of the Lone Star list. I've been on the committee for 3 years. We work really hard to find a good mix of books that will appeal to different ages and interests. The public is welcome to make nominations as well. We do post the list of nominations online at the TLA website.

Camille said...

For my money, year after year, the Texas Lonestar list is one of the best and most reader friendly lists for YAs out there.

I am always pleased to see some of my favorite reads on the list each year and so many more that I know I will enjoy.

I appreciate the hard work of the Lone Star committee.