Sunday, November 19, 2006

Composer: Howard Shore

Howard Shore talks about his music and the ongoing work of preparing the complete recordings of the Lord of the Rings score:

CC: Now Doug Adams notes on the score reveals a level of depth that even those who have listened to film music for a long time might not pick up on...not at least until they read the notes and listen to complete recordings. Now you must have had this intricacy in mind as you were writing the music for the films all along.

HS: Yes. This is because the composition is based on Tolkien and the intricacy, the complexity of it is due to the complexity of the book. Even I didn't really see it all because it was like I was looking at in very small pieces. It wasn't until I assembled it all that I began to understand how it all related, which is what Doug's book is about. It's like we are discovering it now more than when I was actually writing it! It wasn't that it was perfectly planned. It's because the composition is describing Tolkien's world. It's inherent, then, that the music has the same complexity that Tolkien put into the book. It wouldn't be written correctly to his book if it were otherwise.
A very interesting interview

This music has been the soundtrack for my family's life since 2001. Shore is ready to start working on The Hobbit if they ever untangle the money issues.

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I want this... Wonder if it's out over here yet ? Must investigate...

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I loved the movies. I have never read the books, but I'm sure they are great since the movies were already wonderful.Toner