Friday, November 24, 2006

Santa Knows

Santa Knows by Cynthia & Greg Leitich Smith, illustrated by Steve Björkman, 2006

I love Christmas books.

Alfie F. Snorklepuss does not believe in Santa. He has researched, calculated and weighed all the facts and is positive that Santa cannot exist. He denounces the Santa myth at school, in letters to the editor, on talk radio and on the World Wide Web. His sister Noelle tells him that "Santa Claus believes in people who believe in him" and she writes to Santa with a special request for her Christmas gift.

On Christmas Eve, Alflie stakes out the Christmas tree to discover the truth about Santa. He discovers more than he ever imagined.
Steve Björkman's illustrations tell the story with humor. Alfie's pajamas are hilarious.

When I read a Santa book to a group of kids, there is always one kid who will coolly announce what they "think" is the truth about Santa Claus. He/She is then always the recipient of vigorous denials and a verbal pummeling from the other kids.

I know children who yearn for the anticipation, mystery and excitement of Santa's visit. They want do not want to miss the thrill of Christmas morning. This is a sweet tale for families with young (and older) children who want to believe.

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