Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury

Nice story on Kate Greenaway medal winner, Helen Oxenbury in The Age.

"I love stories that have different layers - it's a bit more interesting for the adults who have to read them. I remember my own children being obsessed with the same story every night and I'd think 'Please! Not again. It's terribly boring'."

Asked about her relationship with the authors whose work she illustrates, Oxenbury hunches her shoulders.

"I don't have one. Everyone wants to know about that but I never meet them and if I have any questions or if they have questions, they ask my editor."

It suits her best this way.

"I'd find sitting down with an author very inhibiting. He or she has to trust me to visually enhance their words."

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Laura said...

I love Oxenbury's illustrations. Her Tom and Pippo books are favorites for us, and very nearly worn to pieces.