Tuesday, May 23, 2006


This news item made me laugh because it is a convergence of my fandom of Star Trek and Harry Potter.

Actor Patrick Stewart lamented at a press conference for X-Men III:
"Every single actor over 60 in England is in the Harry Potter movies," he replied when asked if he wanted to continue doing fantasy films. "I am still smarting from the fact that Ian McKellen starred in Lord of the Rings and apparently there was no part in it for me."


Michele said...

So, Camille, which role could you see Patrick playing in films of The Lord of the Rings ??

Camille said...

OK, now that is a question...ponder,ponder...would he have been a good Tom Bombadil? He's not too elf like...I will also poll the entlings. They have stong feelings about such things.

Kelly said...

Patrick Stewart is HOT. That's all I have to add to this discussion :)

Camille said...

Kelly, agreed.

This is a good photo of him isn't it? Just last night we watched the Q/Robin Hood episode of Next Gen. The whole family agrees that one of the best lines in Star Trek history is deliverd by Worf in that episode, "I am NOT a Merry Man." It is also the only time we've seen a Starfleet captain in shorts.

Now, who could Stewart play in HP?