Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Anatopsis by Chris Abouzeid, 2006

Chris Abouzeid has written a smart fantasy that is an interesting mix of Greek mythology and magic-as-corporate-business.

Anatopsis is in line to take over the family business at Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation. Her mother, Queen Solomon is the current CEO. Sadly, the queen's mothering instincts are focused on protecting the succession rather than real maternal love for Ana. Sir Christopher is Ana's father. He is a distracted but loving mortal, who is away on quests more than he is home.

Her one true friend is the human servant Clarissa. Clarissa regards Ana as an equal, not a "royal" as they plan practical jokes and get into trouble.

As Ana prepares to take her Bacchanalian exams, she finds out that a scary demigod named Mr. Pound will tutor her. He has prepared generations of rulers for the tests. She also discovers Prince Barnaby, the son of a rival family, will join her in the classroom. Barnaby is hopeless at magic but a gifted craftsman and engineer. He views his stay at Solomon Castle as an escape from his own father's disappointment and threats. His witty and loyal St. Bernard dog, Uno, accompanies him.

Though they start as rivals, the kids soon band together when they discover the gruesome remains of murdered prisoners in the queen's dungeons. They suspect Mr. Pound is responsible and seek to expose him.

Amalgamated Witchcraft is damaging the environment and experimenting on humans.
Mr. Pound's obsession with the Os Divinitas threatens the entire planet. Can Ana learn to control her strong magical powers and use them to save her friends and her world?

My 15 year old enjoyed this book immensely. I am looking forward to sharing it with more readers.

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I'm so glad you enjoyed Anatopsis too !