Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Can Do It!

I can do it! by Jana Novotny Hunter, illustrated by Lucy Richards, 2006

Little Guinea Pig is fast and arriving at school on time. This is a typical day at preschool with play and work and music. In light of my Rosemary Wells epiphany, this book became more than a "have-no-fear-off-we-go-to-preschool book."

Hunter and Richards are showing us the skills children need to get ready to learn. Little Guinea Pig is fast, busy, strong, careful, helpful, quiet and clever. Richards's softly painted illustrations show children creating a collage, working with clay, building with blocks, pretending to be a bus driver, listening quietly to a story, and cleaning up the toys. All these activites fit into Wells's virtues. Little Guinea Pig is a normal kid, running and making noise but that is the work of children too.

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