Monday, March 13, 2006

Woo HOO! New Riordan coming very soon!!!

Happy Spring Break to us this week!

Wonderful news! Rick Riordan's sequel to The Lightning Thief will be out April 1, 2006.
The Sea of Monsters continues the story of Percy Jackson and his fellow Olympians at Camp Half-Blood.

I was the librarian for the day at a jr. high this week. The groups coming in that day were ESL classes. The library aide showed me the book the librarian had been book talking and it was The Lightning Thief. She jumped backward about 5 feet as I exclaimed, "I LOVE this book!" I know (at first) she was thinking, what kind of nutty sub have they sent me now?

It was my pleasure to talk about the book and read to them. I read part of the first chapter where Percy encounters his pre-algebra teacher in the museum and sees her turn into a Fury who is trying to kill him. Almost every boy in the group wanted the book so I spent the rest of my time with them walking the stacks looking for other titles and asking them "what kind of books do you like to read" and seeing the look on their faces amending it to "can you think of a book you have liked in the past?"

Lots of them said "scary books" so we found R.L. Stine short story collections and for the "Help-help-monsters-are-after-us-we-are-going-to-die" fans, the library had a good collection of Paul Zindel titles like Doom Stone, Night of the Bat, Loch, and Raptor. There are always books the library does not own which makes me want to leave the librarian a list of books to buy asap. If the librarians are friends, they take my "You have GOT to buy these books!" lists in stride.

Reading is personal and kids (no matter what age they are) appreciate someone who takes the time to ask about their interests and recommend books just for them. It was an incredibly rewarding day.


Kelly said...

Yay! I love the Lightning Thief!!

Unknown said...

I haven't read The Lightning Thief yet (It's on my "to read" list) but my son loved it. He was really excited to see that there is a sequel coming out soon.

Anonymous said...

The Lightning Thief is awesome! I'm only a third of the way through and already sharing my enthusiasm for it with my students.

Anonymous said...

I loved the lightning thief. I cant wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

i loved the lightning thief very very very much.