Friday, March 10, 2006


Oh Joy, Rapture!

Michele at Scholar's Blog reports that Granada has a new show about Lewis, Inspector Morse's patient and supportive sargent.
She says:
I thought it was a brilliant comeback for Morse's former sergeant and now an Inspector himself, Robbie Lewis (played as marvellously as ever by Kevin Whately. The little references to Morse himself were nicely done from the Jaguar that nearly runs him down outside the airport at the start of the film, to the various characters who knew him, and the "Endeavour" music scholarship that was created as the result of an anonymous bequest (Morse's first name having been revealed to be Endeavour.)

I still love watching Inspector Morse. The episode that was set in Australia had such a poignant ending. Lewis was off to meet his wife and see the sights and Morse is alone, climbing the steps of the beautiful Sydney Opera House to see an opera.

Hopefully this will be arriving over here at PBS, or BBC America or A&E soon. Off to do research to see who will have it and when.

Whately will reprise Morse role--BBC

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Michele said...

Camille, you'll love Lewis - I just hope one of the American networks gets its act together soon and shows it for you...