Thursday, November 10, 2005

Peter and the Starcatchers

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, 2004

I have been a Peter Pan fan since childhood. I was interested in this book but never got around to reading it. I picked up the audioversion recently when I saw the story was read by Jim Dale! Thank goodness I waited for Jim Dale. This is probably one of the best books I have ever listened to. Dale is the genius who reads the Harry Potter series.

His performance of Peter and the Starcatchers is sublime (causing wonder or astonishment,) amazing, astounding, awesome, fabulous, miraculous, stunning, and stupendous. His voicing, pacing (never-rushed,) and narration are perfection.

As a kid, I was never comfortable with Barrie’s version of Peter’s origins. This book gives a very satisfactory explanation of how Peter came to be Peter Pan. Purists may have some problems with the plot but I thought it was great fun.

Peter is the leader of a rag-tag group of orphans trapped on a derelict ship called The Neverland. They are enroute to becoming servants (slaves) to King Zarboff the Third. Another young passenger, Molly Aster, is guarding a mysterious chest in the ship's hold. The mystery of the chest's contents and its unusual effect on people and animals is at the heart of the story. When Peter sees a flying rat in the hold he wants to know what is in the box. Molly is doing her best to thwart him. Then pirates attack the ship and Molly must turn to Peter to help her keep it out of their hands.

Beautiful mermaids with teeth like sharks, scary flying crocodiles and island "savages" are also after the power in the chest. Peter, Molly and the boys must do everything they can to save it.

I thoroughly enjoyed each traditional element of the story as it was revealed.
How did Peter learn to fly?
What happened to Capt. Hook's hand?
Who were the lost boys?
Where did Tinkerbell come from?

Give the book a listen. I do not think you will be disappointed.


Kelly said...

Thanks, Camille, for this review. I adore Jim Dale (I know, I am one of millions) and will definitely buy this one. I hope it is at audible. I just signed up for their 2 book a month club and I'm so, so happy about it!!

Anonymous said...

Peter and the Starcatchers is a wonderful, high-adventured book that all my friends loved. I was the first to read it in my homeroom class and now, almost the entire school has read it. If you have not read this book, i suggest you do now!