Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Books for Military Children

Cynsations has pointed me to this site, Books for Military Children. I know from listservs that librarians often seek books for students whose parents are serving our nation.

This is a nice group of titles. I would add Casey over There by Staton Rabin, with Greg Shed's glowing illustrations.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Camille
I am glad you have found my webpage and think it will be useful. I am always looking for new titles. I will find "Casey Over There" and add it once I have read it. I have a list of titles as long as my arm to get read and added because I was overseas for several months while my husband was deployed.

If anyone has any comments or knows of any other suitable books you can email me on booksformilitarychildren@yahoo.com

Jan Pye Marry (librarian and military parent)