Monday, November 21, 2005


Saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend.

Loved it.

Missed John Williams's music but thought Do the Hippogriff was fun. (I think Williams's score for Azkaban is his most originial.)

Kelly at Big A Little a found an interview with Steve Kloves, the Potter screenwriter, and picked out the same quote that resonated with me.

"They want to film the two as close to back-to-back as they can," Kloves says. "Because the kids are really starting to grow up. And if we lose the kids, if they have to recast for six or seven, I think we will lose the movies. That's what makes them magic."

As we left the theater I mused that these actors really have been part of the movies' success. I cannot imagine anyone else taking on those roles.

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It was such fun to watch the faces of the kids, teens and grownup types as they waited for the show. It was such an event.

Entling no.3 got to see it twice in one day with different friends and then went along with her dad and I to see it a third time the next day. She wants to go see it again as soon as possible.

Entling no. 2 called from her spot in line somewhere in Texas to let me know she was on the way in to the theater.

Not sure if No. 1 has seen it yet.

I am so thankful to JKR for Harry. The whole phenomenon has brought so many bright and happy moments to this family's life.

We will be traveling the next few days so I bid you all a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.
I know I have much to give thanks for.

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Stefanie said...

I can hardly wait to see the movie. I hope to make it this week.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!