Thursday, November 17, 2005

Follow up to The Pigeon Auction

Mo Willems and The Pigeon Auction are profiled by The Times-Picayune. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Louisiana Foundations for Recovery.

"My genetic Catholicism and guilt led me to this. I decided that I'd sell some of my art. And then I thought that if this was something I wanted to do, maybe other people would do it, and it spiraled from there. I'm not a philanthropist and I'm not a great organizer, so we found a foundation that could handle the legal logistics to make sure the money gets into the right hands. It was like herding a bunch of bunnies to get it together."

The list of contributors reads like a who's who in three worlds -- children's literature, Pixar Productions and the Cartoon Network, reflecting Willems' success in all three areas. He has won six Emmy Awards for his writing on "Sesame Street," created "Sheep in the Big City" for the Cartoon Network, and was the head writer for the same network's "Codename: Kids Next Door," as well as animating many other features.

The auction is linked to at Willems site and or go directly to EBay.

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