Saturday, May 28, 2005

Movie: Star Wars III

We saw Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith last night. Overall very enjoyable. Lucas did a fine job. The movie is beautiful to look at. There are times you just want to still the action and look at everything going on in the shot. That is what DVDs are for. Daughter no. 2 pointed out all the musical themes that were echoing at different points in the show.

I finally figured out something that has bothered me about the movie though. All the women just sit around, empty handed, on sofas and sit and sit and sit. I know Padmé is pregnant and cannot be an action figure but you would think that she would have some paper work to do or diplomatic business to transact or some booties to knit or a parenting book to read. If I were Padmé and all worried, I would be biting my nails or drinking some tea or chomping on some chocolate or making a list of the "top ten signs your guy is turning to the dark side" but not sitting placidly on a cushion with my hands in my lap all the time. To be fair, she does stand looking out the window a lot too.

At the end of the movie Leia's new mommy is also just sitting there, empty handed when Jimmy Smits comes in with the baby. Apparently in a galaxy far far away women have nothing to do but brush their hair and wear a new outfit in every scene.

Makes me appreciate Leia/Carrie Fisher picking up a blaster and shooting every stormtrooper in sight in The New Hope.

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