Friday, May 06, 2005

Jimmy Coates: Assassin

Jimmy Coates: Assassin?, by Joe Craig, June 2005

Jimmy Coates is a normal eleven year old kid with an annoying sister and parents who love him. Then the doorbell rings and his "normal" life is over. A tall man with a thin tie enters their family's home and announces "We've come for the boy." When his mother yells, "JIMMY RUN!" something clicks in him and he finds he can run, jump, dodge and defend himself expertly. He crashes through the upstairs window of his bedroom to escape the mystery men and is unhurt.

The book takes off with Jimmy as he runs for his life and tries to understand his new abilities and strength. The action is fast paced as Jimmy learns the devastating truth about secret government agencies, his family, his life and existence.

One aspect of this story that will resonate with readers is Jimmy's struggle to overcome his "programming." He does not want to be the assassin he is programmed to be. His refusal to succumb to his true nature is admirable and reminds us that we all have choices to make in our behavior, despite our background.

I think this book will be a real hit with guys. I am looking forward to seeing what Jimmy's next move will be.

Jimmy Coates: Killer website (UK title)
Background on the author and characters, also a fun game.


Kelly said...

Hi Camille:

Do you think that this book has appeal for girls as well? It looks really interesting! I'm going to try and find it as soon as possible. I have a 9-year old girl with unpredictable tastes, so I may run it past her as well.

Camille said...

Yes, girls will enjoy it. Jimmy's loyalty and relationship with his family is another aspect to the book tht I really liked. His sister Georgie is fiesty and you don't mess with her. All my girls like the movie the Bourne Identity et al. This book has echoes of that idea.

Joe said...

I'm so glad you like my book! It was a real pleasure to read such insightful comments. Thank you for the wonderful support.
Joe Craig.

Josh said...