Monday, September 27, 2004

Jamie Lee Curtis interview

Jamie Lee Curtis has a new book out, It's Hard to Be Five: Learning How to Work My Control Panel. She is a "celebrity author" who actually has a gift for writing for children. The National Post has an interview with her.
The ideas for her books evolve because "she's a very sharp listener, and the conversations she overhears are the basis for her best-selling children's books."

AP: Are your six children's books entertaining storybooks or morality tales?

Curtis: Someone referred to them the other day as self-help books for kids. It would be obnoxious if I coined the phrase, but it was a lovely compliment and I took it.

When asked about the celebrity author children's book trend she answered:
Curtis: (When I started) I hadn't done True Lies yet, so the biggest success I'd had at that point was A Fish Called Wanda, and although it was a big success, I was not a big celebrity or a media darling on any level, I was a very low-level movie actor who'd had a little success.

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