Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Author: Daniel Handler

The Toronto Star has an article on author Daniel Handler today.
The name Handler is hardly household yet, but it's a good bet, particularly if you hang around any remotely bookish kids age eight and up, that you've heard of his nom de plume — Lemony Snicket. As Snicket, Handler is the wicked genius behind what would be the hands-down most successful Kids Lit franchise of our time, if it weren't for that kid at Hogwart's.

The article discusses Handler's musical ability including his instrument of choice: the accordion.
The more dulcet tones of Handler's accordion can be heard on 69 Love Songs, the 1999 breakout album by the New York-based ensemble The Magnetic Fields — Snicket-appropriate song titles on the album include ... "No One Will Ever Love You" and "I'm Sorry I Love You" — and the instrument is also his main accomplice during his riotous, side-splitting "readings" on book tours.
...His own bands, from garage school days on, had such names as The Edith Head Trio (one Head song was titled "The Donner Party Tango," alluding to the infamous 19th-century pioneers who turned to cannibalism) and, more gratifying to Canadian ears, The Zambonis.

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