Monday, April 26, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Origami Toys that Tumble, Fly and Spin

Origami Toys: Paper Toys That Fly, Tumble, and Spin

Origami Toys that Tumble, Fly and Spin

by Paul Jackson,  Gibbs Smith, 2010  --  Dewey:  736

The ONE art supply that school kids always have at hand is paper. Origami books are continually in demand in school libraries, Books that focus on paper airplane folding are especially popular.  Jackson has gone beyond airplanes in this book and focuses on other "action" forms. Dogs, birds, beaks, frogs, fish, and crocodiles bark, snap, and flap.  Jackson's directions are clear and easy to interpret.  He defines the complexity of the models by "simple," "intermediate," and "advanced."  It occurs to me that the catapult on page 115 could have many uses to bored and imaginative students. He does not neglect aeronauts and does include some flying models as well.

Many of these models would work well in a storytelling setting too.

A packet of origami paper is included.  The book is a worthwhile addition to any origami collection, I recommend it for paper folders of all ages.


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Alka Gupta said...

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