Friday, May 23, 2008

May 2008

Accomplishments for May:

  • Entlings have been graduated and confirmed.

  • I got to share my "raspy throat/hacking cough" thing with visiting relatives.
    "Gee, thanks for that, Camille."

  • Everyone is on antibiotics now and doing better.

  • The entniece and entnephew have arrived on foreign shores with large stacks of books from Aunt Camille's stash. Aunt Camille came home an found the "other" books she was supposed to tuck into their suitcases.
    Oh well. Books can be mailed.

  • Another entnephew commented on the Percy Jackson books I sent him at Christmas and realized he really had read them and really did enjoy them. He said he had learned more about Greek mythology from those books than he had in his school unit. That is entirely gratifying.

  • Had a "personal best" day of cataloging at local elementary, over 120 items.

  • Still more to do but the end of May is in sight.

Dialed up the internets today to discover this trailer for The City of Ember.


Sherry said...

You do cataloging as a substitute? I didn't even catalog much when I was an elementary school librarian 20 years ago in Austin. All the books were catalogued downtown, and I processed them in and spent most of my time working with the kids or the teachers.

Or ordering books. I loved ordering new books.

Camille said...

Our district does not have centralized cataloging. Each campus has a subscription to Marc Magician/Wizard and the librarians are supposed to clean up their new book records to our standards using that tool. Most of the vendors now send records that are in pretty good shape but they all have to looked at and "improved" to some extent.

One advantage to having me come in to sub, is I will do cataloging and record clean up for them. Since I was with the district, I know the standards and the systems.

You know how every library has that book truck of weird stuff that has to have original cataloging? That kind of thing has become my special niche. I do lots of AV and the weird odd stuff that accumulates over the year.

This time of year, the kids are not coming to the library (the librarians are just trying to get all the books in) so having me there equals one day of full time cataloging.

I have to say that using a marc editor has taught me tons about cataloging realia etc.