Thursday, May 01, 2008

Waiting for Percy

It has been entling no. 3's and my tradition to buy our copy of the latest Percy Jackson book each year, at Blue Willow Bookshop. Four books ago, we were there with a small group of listeners while Rick Riordan talked about his new book, The Lightning Thief. We bought a copy and the entling disappeared for a few hours to read when we got home. When I finished the book the next day, I told Treebeard, "this man is a rock star" and the rest is history.

Since then, it has been a tradition for us to visit the bookstore and acquire signed copies for us and for the ent-nephew. Last year we dodged lightning bolts and crammed our way into the store which was wall-to-wall fans.

The times they are a-changing.

The next few weeks will mark several family milestones which will keep us hopping, one of which will take me out of town when Rockstar Rick Riordan is at Blue Willow.

Also (sob) the ent-nephew and his family are leaving the continent. He has a long airplane flight ahead of him so I want him to have the new book for the trip and I want him to have a signed copy to go with his others so I will buy his copy on May 6, the release day and the good people at the bookstore are going to ask RRR to sign a bookplate for him when he appears there on May 17.

My priorities may be a little wacky, forget the college graduation, how am I going to get my signed copies of Battle of the Labyrinth?

Percy and friends have made such an impact on the reading lives of the kids I know and work with. They have a real loyalty and love for this series, like an earlier generation did as it grew up with Harry Potter. This bit of news from RRR's blog made me smile:

My publicist emailed today to let me know that Percy Jackson & the Olympians will be #5 on the New York Times children's series bestseller list for next week (before Battle of the Labyrinth is published). Why is this significant? Because it marks fifty-two consecutive weeks that Percy Jackson has been on the bestseller list -- one full year.

This series has been a blessing for all of us.

Also, via Myth & Mystery, I loved the time this young reader put into this video.


AMY T said...

How many more days?? Less than a week, right??

I caught the RR comet a bit early, too. Just before The Sea of Monsters was published I emailed him about how much my class loved Lightning Thief, and he emailed me back with kind words and links to lesson plans.

Time to reread Titan's Curse and get ready to enjoy some book love w/ lots of kid readers.

Camille said...

That is a great idea. I need to re-read Titan's Curse too.

That is a nice story about RRR.

Ms. Yingling said...

Barnes and Noble informed me that this was an "embargoed" title, and that they couldn't sell it until midnight on Tuesday. This is a little warped. It's a great series; Riordan seems a capital fellow, but really? Embargoed?

Camille said...

I don't mind "embargoes." I think it makes the release an event when a book is as anticipated as this one.

Do you remember all the agreements that bookstores had to sign when a new Harry Potter was about to come out? They had swear they would not sell the books or even open the boxes before the appointed hour, the stroke of midnight.

I just love the anticipation I see in the kids' faces. It was interesting to read RRR's post a few months ago about their decision NOT to issue ARCs for this one.

Watching librarians behaving badly at TLA last year (scooping up 3 or 4 copies of the ARC) I could fully understand their decision.

Can't wait to get mine.