Friday, September 14, 2007

Still here: almost back among the living

Some quick looks around the kidlitosphere neighborhood:

  • Bloggers are on the move for Robert's Snow for Cancer's Cure thanks to 7 Imp . We want to do all we can to honor Robert Mercer and Grace Lin.
    Read more about it!

  • Alan Silberberg, author of Pond Scum, says his Disney Channel movie is about to swing into production in Utah. The folks who made High School Musical need 1400 Extras for the projects so here's your big chance!

  • J.L. Bell is wondering if Crocs footware is here to stay and is checking for them in picture books.

  • Journey Woman is running a fun contest: High Culture meets Pop Culture
    Here is your mission, if you want to play:

    Submit your comments here with examples of TV shows, popular songs, or movies that used references or quotes from famous poets or authors in a way that may have caught people by surprise. Caught by surprise? I mean, don't include the movie Sense and Sensibility, where half of it was quotes from poetry because two of the characters sat around and read each other poetry throughout. Don't include Shakespeare in Love or Hamlet, where of course there will be a lot of, um, Shakespeare.

    Give me movies like Porky's II, or songs like Dire Straits "Romeo and Juliet." Better yet, give me quotes from The Simpsons. Any extra explanation you can include, similar to mine above about Porky's II, will gain you extra points.

    Almost any episode of Frasier would I have to think of a specific instance. For that matter Stephen Fry's Jeeves throws off classical references with alacrity...

    Oh well, this is too much for me to think of now. Off to have some chicken soup. That cures everything, doesn't it?

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