Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scrub your hands!

For all librarians, aides and volunteers...

School children love their library books,
They tote them everywhere.
They read them during d.e.a.r time
Absorbed and unaware.

They just can't help the dirt and germs
They transfer to the covers.
They sneeze, they hack, they drool on them,
They are library book lovers.

So if you work in a library,
It is important to think about
The nasty, filthy, library books
You are checking in and out.

Don't touch your face, don't scratch your nose,
You can't wash your hands too often,
The back-to-school virus will get you
If your guard begins to soften.

I thought I was being careful,
I was not sick at all last year,
Alas, the virus got me.
My immune system is in low gear.

No "pleasant land of counterpane"
This is Shel Silverstein "Sick"
So until my breathing is restored,
No computer mouse will I click.

It is time to take some medicine,
So, I will take a bow,
And I will leave you with these words of advice,


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that my local library has started putting hand sanitizer at every check-out counter. Here's hoping we can all get through September without catching something!

Chris Barton said...

Bless you!

Saints and Spinners said...

Amen to that! I've got to say that I really avoided checking out board books from the library for my daughter when she was a baby. I must have spent several hundred dollars for our personal collection.