Tuesday, May 22, 2007

End of the school year crazies

My home in that disgusting state that happens every year at this time. It seems like there is only enough time to fly in the door, drop everything, scoop up the stuff you need for the next event/duty/crisis and fly back out the door.

Enough. Today I am rolling up the carpets, moving the furniture and I am locked in hand to hand combat with dust bunnies and other assorted scary household boogies. I am reminded of a comment Scott Westerfeld made about revising and rewriting. He said it is like cleaning out a closet. It gets worse before it gets better.

That is the place where I am now.

I look at the nice shiny floor but my heart sinks at the piles covering every surface. Stacks of books, stacks of newspapers, magazines, the paper flotsom and jetsom of school life, finals schedules, study materials, a recipe I printed out from the Food Network website. If I wanted to collapse into a chair to take a break, I couldn't. There is no place to sit.


The one pleasant part of the day has been the movie I watched as I began the destruction...er...that is...cleaning and tidying. I have found watching a DVD while I am doing something I do not enjoy, helps me stick to it.

I recommend: Her Majesty, 2001, rated PG -- filmed entirely in New Zealand

Parts of the soundtrack sounded like Howard Shore's music, even though it was not. (Maybe the New Zealand landscape just inspires composers.)

Set in the 1950s, a young girl named Elizabeth is enthralled by the recent coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. She daydreams about meeting the Queen and begins a letter writing campaign to invite Elizabeth II to visit. The town is thrown into a frenzy when the news comes that the Queen has placed Middleton on her itinerary for the upcoming royal visit to New Zealand.

An old Maori tribeswoman soon becomes the target of many of the leading citizens' rage because they consider her ramshackle house, a blight on the parade route.

Elizabeth befriends the old woman and learns about the history and culture of the Maori people which puts her at odds with the rest of the town and even her own family.

A very sweet story with one of the most odious older brothers I've ever encountered in a story.


Robin Brande said...

Good luck, Camille. Be brave. You will win over the dust bunnies if you never give in, never give in, never ever ever . . . (Winston Churchill. You know how he could go on).

Just know that many of us are in solidarity with you right now. For me, especially, it's those stacks of newspapers and magazines. I feel like I should read everything, but there comes a point when the pile just become oppressive. Toss it and start over.

Good luck!!

Camille said...

We should feel comforted. I read something once that said the greater the percentage of clutter in the home that is "print," the higher the IQ of the inhabitants. As I piled up the debris, I was comforted in a way because 95% of it was, as you described, newpapers, magazines, books, etc.

Not comforting to think my smart family cannot seem to keep up with the debris of our lives though.