Friday, February 09, 2007

To cogitate and to solve

I attribute all my oldest entling's math skills to her early exposure to Mathnet.
Here is part 1 of the classic Maltese Pigeon. This series was so much fun.

Part 2
Part 3 is missing--
Part 4
Part 5

Alas, only a few of the episodes are available for purchase and only in VHS.


fusenumber8 said...


I still recall my 11-year-old heartbreak when I discovered that George was married.


Did you ever see the weird later seasons when they moved to Manhattan? They actually got Kate to dress up in a French maid costume in one of the episodes. So bizarre.

Camille said...

Wasn't that when they switched from "Monday" to "Tuesday?" I remember the show had such a following that PBS made a prime time episode. George was the best. I first learned about the Fibonacci sequence from MathNet.