Friday, February 23, 2007

Inkheart Stills

Fuse has a link to Inkheart movie photos at Dark Horizons.
Sorry girls, there are no photos of Basta yet, even though I know you don't like Jamie Foreman as Basta.

Part of the movie was filmed on location on the Italian Riviera.
You can see the rocky beach in this photo.

I'm ok with Brendan Fraser/Mo casting but I'm a fan.


Unknown said...

Oh, wow. So cool to see these! I don't think that Dustfinger looks like I imagined him, but I think the rest of the casting is pretty good. I can't decide whether to see this movie or not. I'm always afraid to see movies of books that I love!

Camille said...

I think Dustfinger looks amazing!

Liz B said...

These photos look great. I always pictured Brendan Fraser as Mo; probably because I'd read that the author had him in mind while she wrote.

Laura said...

My family can't wait for the movie! Thanks for posting these shots.

Little Willow said...

I just posted to Fuse:

I didn't care for the book.

I do, however, want her tights/socks. YES.

Please let me know when they release Tinker Bell pictures! :)

Camille said...

Check out the site Inkhearties for information on all things Inkheart!

Anonymous said...

that is the worst possible choice for farid that ever was. -_-"
dustfinger is a relly good choice, Mo... not so much. i wish there was a picture of basta somewhere so i could picture him as a night-mare. {just read inkdeath!}

Anonymous said...

OKay!!! I was in the middle of reading Inkheart, when I discovered that there was going to be a movie, so I read hurried threw Inkheart and now I'm on Inkspell. And I had the wierdest dream ever! Basta was a paist out to kill Meggie, but Farid was married to Meggie and Farid killed Basta! Don't ask me why I would dream such a thing, but I did! I'm in love with a book. I pictured farid like that, except 10x cuter and with shorter hair, but when he came out of the book that's what he looked like. Meggie is what I pictured! Elinor is a fat old lady that says cuss words! SHE ISN'T FAT!!!! SO, THERE FOR IT ISN'T ELINOR!!!! Capricorn I thought was fat, but in the movie he's bald and skinny. I WANT TO SEE WHAT BASTA LOOKS LIKE!!!