Friday, February 09, 2007

From School Library Journal

Liz B has an article in the new School Library Journal, "Curl Up With A Cup of Tea and a Good Blog" and has assembled a great list of "Must Reads" from the kidlitosphere.
She has kindly included Book Moot.

Liz shares some great reasons for checking out these blogs:

Perhaps you're lucky enough to work with colleagues with whom you share a passion for kids' books—or not. For those of us who are the sole children's or teen specialist at our library, it can get pretty lonely. Say you've just read a book and want to rave (or rant) about it, or you need to figure out which books to buy on a limited budget. Where can you turn? Sure, there are print publications, such as School Library Journal and the Horn Book. But as great as those magazines are, you may want more in the way of diverse opinions and extended reviews, not to mention a place to get answers to your questions or connect with fellow bibliophiles.

When I started this blog over 2.5 years ago there were a few folks blogging about children's books but not many. I know, I was looking for them. It has been an amazing experience to be part of the growth of this blogging community.

Right now, I am going to see if my school librarian soul sister will let me borrow her copy of SLJ. I want to see the photo of Liz blogging with Cheetah and Peter Parker!

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Anonymous said...

Your soul sister would be happy to lend you the SLJ issue when she receives it. It hasn't come by her desk yet! Congratulations on being cited in this weighty tome!