Sunday, June 11, 2006

Unshelved Book Talks

I love reading Unshelved every day and specially when they feature a book talk. Check out Sunday's comic for The Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlon by John Flanagan. I just finished it and Unshelved has perfectly caught the mystery and excitement of the story's opening.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! A fellow Unshelved reader! (I'm sad to admit that this may be the first time they've actually drawn a Book Talk about something I've read...)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That's great! I'm DYING to read the second book but someone checked it out at my libraary before me :K

Jeff DiScala said...

I was looking for others talking about Ranger's Apprentice. Thanks for pointing out the comic. I've never seen the strip before and spent a little too much time going through the archives. Hilarious.