Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Comic: Unshelved

Nice article on Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, the lads who write and draw Unshelved.

With an estimated daily readership of about 30,000, their irreverent Web comic references a world of people who know too well the headaches of dealing with the public in all its forms, capturing its frustrations and absurdities.

"It's kind of, like, 'Dilbert' for librarians," offers Deena Martinsen, vice chair of Longview (Wash.) Public Library's board of trustees.
Echoes Chris Skaugset, director of Longview Public Library, whose wife bought him a framed "Unshelved" print for Christmas: "They're just so tuned to library work," he says.

Its creators call "Unshelved" a sitcom set in a library. It manages to be accessible and funny by tapping the familiarity — who hasn't been to a library? — and eye-rolling compliance of public service.

Update: School Library Journal also has an interview this month.

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