Monday, June 19, 2006

48 Hour Book Challenge

In between a birthday, two trips to the airport, a wedding anniversary, 1 shopping expedition, Father's Day, eating out 3 nights in a row, 2 margaritas and one Dos Equis (hey, they were spread over 3 nights) I managed to read four books, Victory by Susan Cooper, 2006, The Great American Mousical by Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton, Tony Walton (Illustrator), 2006, The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett, Brett Helquist (Illustrator) 2006, and Hit the Road by Caroline B. Cooney, 2006. Total page count: 837 pages

I read for fun and pleasure because that is about all you can manage after a margarita at Denis's. I enjoyed all 4 books and was reminded again, that the average length of a YA novel is about 180 pages. Teachers who require their 6th graders to read books with a minimum page length of 200 pages are not helping their students become better readers.

My favorite books of the weekend were Victory and Hit the Road.


Anonymous said...

I read after margaritas this weekend, too, although we made them at home. I'm sure it did slow me down a little bit... But it's a pretty good life, balancing margarita drinking and book reading. I'm going to look for Hit the Road - thanks for the reviews!

Anonymous said...

Margaritas and a good book - what a terrific combo! Hats off to all of you who participated in the challenge. I just couldn't get myself to commit. I'm glad to read the review of Hit the Road. Sounds like my kind of story.

Susan Taylor Brown

Kelly said...

Wow, you're my hero, Camille. Busy weekend, but still 4 great books.
"Victory" sounds great!

MotherReader said...

I love it! All those activities (and margaritas) and still managing to read. Awesome!

I know it wasn't the most convienient weekend for you, but thanks for playing along.

Little Willow said...

Great to hear that Hit the Road was, well, a hit. I like Cooney very much - have read her books since I was a kid - but I felt let down by Code Orange.