Saturday, June 10, 2006

Copy your template

Well, erm...yes...had a bit of a disaster last night. I decided to do some tweaking of the old blogger template only to discover, Firefox tabs (Treebeard has always said he hates tabs) and the template do not mix anymore.

Maybe it is all due to the problems Blogger has encountered over the last few days or maybe the latest Firefox update is certainly wasn't MY FAULT.

I lost over half of my template last night, WHICH WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM, except I republished (before I was aware of the issue) and splat, thud, clonk...the old blog was gone, vanished, dematerialized and evaporated right into thin air.

We are sorta back now but I had to redo all my links, so if you have disappeared, please let me know. I still think you are brilliant, I've just lost you temporarily.

I would recommend that everyone make a handy dandy copy of your template now and keep it up to date. Do not repeat my I.D. Ten T mistake. (It helps to say I.D.Ten T. in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.)


Chris Barton said...

Arrrgh! Glad (very) to have you (sorta) back.

Anonymous said...

Oh Camille! I feel your pain. And when I went to go see Chris Crutcher I almost did the same thing you did with Meg Cabot but luckily my husband remembered I had brought my camera so I get a picture of me with him.

In other news - when did Blogger put in the category of "other" for replies? I'm liking that. I wonder if it will remember use like it does with Typepad?

Anonymous said...

PS - your link to Gail's blog (Original Content) doesn't work. There's an extra / at the end.

Camille said...

Ah, bless you for the link heads up. I'm still testing all the links.