Friday, July 08, 2005

Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors

Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors by Jenny Nimmo, 2005

This book continues the story of Charlie Bone and his friends who attend Bloor's Academy. It is a new school year and poor Billy Raven continues to suffer at the hands of the Bloors who have him adopted by a couple who despise children. We learn more about Billy's background and Charlie thinks he is close to solving the mystery of his father's disappearance. A new student at school, Joshua Tilpin has magnetic powers and seems destined to fill Billy's former shoes as spy and student villain. One of Charlie's friends discovers her own magic endowment and helps thwart the bad guys.

Cook, Uncle Paton, the Pets' Cafe, and the dog Runner Bean make brief appearances as do the bad guys, Manfred Bloor and the Yewbeam sisters.

The book was entertaining but not as satisfying as the previous books. The promising leads to Charlie's father's where-abouts are dashed and the story line is not advanced. The red herring Nimmo inserts was disappointing as it would have been a richer story if it had lead to something.

If you are a fan of the series, as I am, you will enjoy the story but it felt more like one of those "extra scenes" that you can view on DVDs--interesting and fun but does not add to the story overall.

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Kelly said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear this, Camille. You are right--it is time for the father issue to be resolved!