Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Movie: Lassie Come-Home

From Time Magazine:

Peter O'Toole will star in the remake of Eric Knight's book Lassie Come-Home.

[Director Charles] Sturridge wrote the part of Lassie's duke to give O'Toole a chance to let loose again. "I wanted a character who was both exciting to children and at the same time dangerous," says Sturridge. "I had Peter in mind, and it has been great to see him use his anarchic energy again." O'Toole appreciates the opportunity but understands that "the film isn't about me, it's about the dog. Admittedly, the dog isn't all that good an actor, but with the right cuts and perhaps a lamb chop, we'll get the job done." •

I love the Rosemary Wells illustrated version of this classic story.

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