Friday, July 29, 2005

Author: Marianna Mayer

Marianna Mayer describes the origins of her new book, The Boy Who Ran with the Gazelles, in this article from the Litchfield County Times. Her books fill the mythology and 398.2 section.

Dog lovers will enjoy the account of her childhood with Tony, the family dog who was practically her surrogate mother.

But as fond as the rest of the family was of Tony, the moment young Marianna arrived home from the hospital, the dog took possession of the baby.
"Since I was an only child [at the time], Tony was the one who was there for me," Ms. Mayer remembered. "We'd play for hours. I'd dress her up in clothes and I'd tie a bandana across her eyes and she'd have to find me. She was a fabulous animal."

Her description of picture books as "cinematic" is a brilliant way of describing the magic that happens when stories and illustrations mesh.

..."A picture book [is] very cinematic," she said. "It's a story board between hard covers, and when it's done well it's a seamless thing. I'm not always thrilled with the result, but this one I am."

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