Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival

The 9th Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival is April 10-17, 2005. So many wonderful events. I would HAVE to attend this session.

Henry Gee
The Science of Middle Earth
2.30 pm £5.50 Oxford Union
Henry Gee ingeniously reveals how contemporary science can explain some of the wonders of Middle Earth, where Tolkien’s marvellous fantasy creates a world with an insistent sense of reality. In The Science of Middle Earth, he delights in explaining such scientific conundrums as how Frodo’s coat of mithril armour can deflect deadly blows and how Legolas can count the Riders of Rohan across five leagues. Just because The Lord of the Rings is fantasy, he argues, this doesn’t prevent scientific explanations for its wonders. Henry Gee is one of the editors of Nature.

The walking tours:

Lyra’s Oxford - Jordan College to Jericho
Tread the footsteps of Lyra as she takes you on an adventure around Oxford from Philip Pullman’s book. Fans of all ages of His Dark Materials trilogy will enjoy discovering more about Jordan College and seeing Lyra’s favourite haunts as Pullman imagined them, while listening to readings from the book.

Oxford’s Secret Gardens
Behind the walls of the ancient colleges lie acres of beautiful gardens, some of which are not normally open to the public. Join design historian Helena Chance for one of her popular tours which traces the history of the gardens from the fourteenth century to the present day. The tour starts at New College with its famous mound, visits a tiny secret garden at Corpus Christi College and finishes with the private gardens at Wadham College.

Some of the children's literature sessions: Charlie Higson author of SilverFin (new young James Bond series,) Philip Pullman and his book, The Scarecrow and his Servant and G. P. Taylor, author of Shadowmancer and Wormwood.


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