Thursday, March 24, 2005

Inkspell: sequel to Inkheart!

Cornelia Funke will have a sequel to Inkheart published in the fall. has an interview with Madelyn Travis about German children's books and she discusses the renewed interest in that country's children's book industry.

She is also looking forward to the autumn release of Inkspell, which will be published simultaneously in German and English, and to the final volume of Funke's trilogy. 'All those who have worked on Inkspell here think that it's even better than Inkheart,' she says. 'The heroine is two years older. It's longer, it is very powerful. There are many dark bits in it. We're all of us agog to read the third!'


Anonymous said...

the kingdom regoices Im so glad she is writing a secquel inkspell really left me on a cliff.

Anonymous said...

i absalutely LOVED unkheart my friend and i are edicted, im in the middle of inkspell now and cant wait for inkdeath to come out..peace out to maggie,mo and all the rest!!