Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Flat Stanley

This week Stanley strolled up the red carpet with Clint Eastwood at the Oscars. Flat Stanley has also visited the White House.

I love helping out with Flat Stanley-type projects. I have taken "Traveling Texas Heroes" to football games and on vacations. One year I sent "Neil Armstrong" off to the USS Kitty Hawk and he got to fly over Mount Suribachi in an F-14 Tomcat and visit Japan.

"In the book, by Jeff Brown, Stanley gets squashed flat by a falling bulletin board," said Dale Hubert, a Canadian third-grade teacher who created the Flat Stanley Project. "Stanley's parents rolled him up, put him in an envelope and mailed him to his friend in California. And that just seemed like a way of communicating that grade-three students might enjoy."

The program is designed to improve the reading and writing skills of elementary school students while they learn about new people and places.

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Kyndal said...

I vividly remember reading Flat Stanley for the first time while sitting in my second grade classroom. I had finished my work early and in an attempt to keep me busy, my teacher handed me the first book she could find. Little did she know, she woud create a love for Flat Stanley that exists to this day. At the time, it was the longest book I had ever read. I kept reading and reading until I had finished the adventure of a lifetime. Now I have the pleasure of watching my children enjoy the story.