Friday, January 21, 2005

One reason people want to write children's books

BBC reports British author Michelle Paver will earn £2m for the film rights to her book Wolf Brother. Director Ridley Scott is supposed to direct the movie (woah!) Earlier this year Paver earned a £2.8m advance for the title.

I need to get my hands on a copy and read it. Hmm...just checked online. It will not be available in the States until March 2005.

I was subbing at a school library earlier this week and the kids and I were talking about all the movies coming out that are based on children's books. We decided that children's books have the BEST stories and are already very well written so Hollywood is drawn to them.

Update: The Times has this story and an interesting comment from Paver:
Scott said yesterday: “Wolf Brother is an enchanting book. Michelle has created a world that we have not seen before in any previous film.” Casting is yet to begin, but A-list actors are always drawn to Scott.

Ms Paver hopes that Sir Ian McKellen, who recorded the audiotape of the book, may take the role of a character called Walker.

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