Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hobbit Name Generator

Mental Multivitamin pointed us to the Hobbit Name Generator. I do not know how THIS family of Hobbits missed this site but it is great fun. There is also an Elvish name generator. Two of my daughters are holding out for elf-hood.

Daisy Sandydowns


Sarah said...

Ahem, as I told you over the phone, I have heard of hobbit-name generators. More specifically, this name generator:

You get race (I'm a Sword-Swinging Elf), Possible Elf names (both root, masculine and feminine names: root-Bulëuial, feminine-Bulëuialiel, Bulëuialien, and Bulëuialwen), a Hobbit name (Linda Baggins from Woody End), a Dwarven name (Náin Songarmour), an Orcish name (Golbog the Tough) and an Adûnaic name (Azrîyasîntrah).


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah! I been browsing all morning for a good name generator and your suggestion was a great one. I now have a worthy name for my hobbit in LotRO :)