Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Author: Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes, called his parents at 6 a.m. to tell them his book Kitten's First Full Moon had been honored with the Caldecott Award.
Lee Roberts in the Journal Times has an interview with them. Their happiness and pride in his achievements are apparent.

It isn't just Kevin's artistic and literary talent, however, that his parents are proud of. It is also his attitude toward life, his willingness to help others and the way he cares for his family, especially his two children, Will and Clara.

"He reads to them each day at breakfast and at bedtime and he has a way of doing so that is so natural and relaxed - everything he does seems so natural," she said.

And whether its the neighborhood kids near his Madison home, or folks attending a book signing at a store, people everywhere are drawn to him when he reads, Bea said: "Even the adults. I love to watch the expression on people's faces, they really get into it."

What makes his mother most happy, however, is that Kevin really loves his work.

"I'm so happy he can support his family by doing what he loves," she said. "It must be wonderful to wake up every morning and really love your job.

"I think he got that from his dad. My husband loved his job delivering mail to people."

Henkes's website features the "story behind the book" where he discusses his inspiration for the award winning story. His mother also reports that he has finished a new Lilly book that will be out next year.

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