Wednesday, June 30, 2004

T.A. Barron news

T.A. Barron's website with well worth a visit if you are a reader, a teacher interested in hero studies or an author wondering what a good author site includes. He has some interesting news for fans of his books. He is working on a new trilogy, The Great Tree of Avalon. The first book will be released October, 2004. He describes the storyline, "this new trilogy picks up where The Lost Years of Merlin leaves off."

Do you remember, in the final pages of The Wings of Merlin,when the young wizard planted a magical seed that beat like a heart—the same seed that was given to him by his elder self in The Mirror of Merlin? Well, that seed has grown into something truly miraculous: a whole new world named Avalon. Like the lost world of Fincayra, Avalon is a highly mysterious place, full of dangers, wonders, surprises, tragedies, and triumphs. And also like Fincayra, it will lie somewhere in the mists—between dark and light, mortality and immortality.

He also shares the news that a feature film of The Lost Years of Merlin is underway.

There is much more including a look at another new book High as a Hawk, a true story based on the 1905 ascent of Longs Peak in Colorado by eight-year-old Harriet Peters. Amazon says the book was just published in May 2004. The illustrations are by the sublime Ted Lewin.

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Camille said...

I saw The Great Tree of Avalon at Barnes and Noble this week. It looked like it will be a winner with Barron fans.