Friday, June 18, 2004

Jack Gantos has a website!!!

My favorite author, Jack Gantos, has a website! Gantos can make you laugh so hard you cry. His Rotten Ralph books are fun for young and beginning readers. He has won awards and praise for his Joey Pigza books. Treat yourself and listen to him read the stories with books on tape or cd. We were listening to Joey Pigza Loses Control in the car. After the chapter where Joey's dad coaches a little league team, my daughter stopped the tape and rewound it saying, "I have to hear that part again!"

This librarian has a special place in her heart for his Jack Henry books. His newest is Jack Adrift:Fourth grade without a clue. The books Jack's Black Book and Jack's New Power have made me laugh so hard I couldn't see though.

A Hole in my Life is a tremendous and powerful story for high school students.

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