Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The City of Ember

The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau, 2003

Oh my gosh, I just finished this book. It is absolutely wonderful. I could not stop reading it. Doon Harrow and Lina Mayfleet are twelve years old and have just finished their education. Now they must work for the good of the city of Ember. They begin working in their new jobs, Doon in the pipeworks under the city and Lina, as a messenger. Ember is a city of darkness, lit only by electrical lights. Something is going on in their city though. Why isn't anyone else worried? Why is the city experiencing terrifying blackouts? What can two kids do to save their people? A mysterious message, danger, greed, corruption...the kids are terrific characters. Like Gregor, Lina has a little sister to look after. The responsibility is heavy but she does not resent it, she cares deeply for her little sister.

I read the book straight through Mississippi and Louisiana. There is a sequel, The People of Sparks, that was just published in May. I am going to reserve it at the library as soon as it gets there.

City of Ember is available in paperback, please check it out.

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