Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Camp-Read-Along Ghost story

Author Cynthia DeFelice

One story I told at Camp-Read-Along was called Cold Feet based on the book by Cynthia DeFelice. DeFelice has written numerous books for children and young adults.

Her series about ghost magnet, Allie Nichols is terrific and begins with The Ghost of Fossil Glen, followed by The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs and most recently The Ghost of Cutler Creek, 2004. The Ghost of Fossil Glen won the Texas Bluebonnet Award in 2000.

is a pioneer adventure about an 11 year old boy, Nathan, who must confront the villian Weasel. "Other children whisper that he is part man and part animal -- wild and blood-thirsty. But I know Weasel is real: a man, an Indian fighter the government sent to drive off the Indians-- to "remove them." Weasel has his own ideas about removal..."

She has many other books. They would be worth a look if you like mysteries.

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