Monday, February 08, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Hairy Tarantulas

Dewey: 595.4

Hairy Tarantulas by Kathryn Camisa, Bearport, 2009

I am becoming such a fan of Bearport's nonfiction series books. This volume is part of the No Backbone!: the World of Invertebrates series. The format of the book is very well designed and well laid out for young readers. A nicely sized and very readable typeface is used through out. It has several elements, the table of contents, index, a list of additional resources, that are very useful for teaching information skills. The index terms are highlighted in boldface.

Full color photographs of very, very hairy tarantulas are clearly labeled with word balloons and spiderweb shaped text blocks. The information and facts are organized and easy to find.

This series group includes Crafty Garden Spriders, Deadly Black Widow, Jumping Spiders, Spooky Wolf Spiders, and Tricky Trapdoor Spiders.

I would highly recommend this series for Big 6 or Super 3 research projects and for kids who just love reading about spiders.

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